Friday, 21 March 2014

Parenting Project Update

So. The therapy and the 3 good things are going really well. It has really made a difference having a nice notebook to write the 3 good things in. In the past I have tried an app for that, but it's not the same. I like having a mix of things that I remember from the day, but also to remind myself of everyday luxuries that are so easy to take for granted -- living in my favourite city, having a cute little car all to myself, healthy children, a comfortable house. Life IS good.

I have been shockingly bad about the mindfulness meditation this week. As in I am supposed to be doing in twice per day, and I have done it twice this week. Once at lunchtime in my office, and I could hear my Head of School outside the door talking to a colleague. I was neither relaxed nor mindful. I'm going to be more disciplined about it for the rest of this month, but if it still isn't agreeing with me, I'm going to jettison this particular item.

The no shouting rule has been a winner. It is making a big difference (to me anyway). I am also not finding it that difficult. Perhaps the boys are going through a good patch!

As someone who struggles to live in the moment and loves to plan, I have been thinking a lot about what to add to the Parenting Project for April. I have decided that I will focus on physical health. Earlier in the year I signed up for a 10k on April 26th, so I will need to step up my exercise and include more running. I don't like it, but I will do it. I also need to sort out my diet. What am I eating right now? A latte and 2 caramel waffles. This has to stop. I would like to loose a few pounds, but mostly I want to have more energy. I get plenty of sleep and I don't drink. I should be more perky than this, and the appalling diet can't be helping.

As for the specific parenting strategy, I am going to try not to correct so much. It annoys me hearing myself, no wonder it annoys Harry so much. For example, instead of telling Harry to stop chewing with his mouth open, I am going to try and bite my tongue, wait for his mouth to be closed, and say, "It's nice to see your mouth closed when you're eating." Easier said than done this one. No fear that I will start this one anytime before April 1st.

Happy weekend everyone. Over and out.

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